Brut Rose

Brut Rose

Alain Reaut (BIO)
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 It is an engaging rosé de saignée with an intense colour, obtained from maceration in contact with the skins for 24/36 hours, vinified in steel and without malolactic fermentation. Carefree and colorful rosé with exuberant aromas that mix strawberry and raspberry with more noble, wild notes, such as blackcurrant, blackberry and tamarind. A sip constructed with a virtuous hand, fresh, juicy, tasty, with impeccable distribution on the palate and with a finish that lets the most savory and mineral vibrations of its land ring out.


Vintage: s.a.
Grapes: Pinot noir 100% 
Alcohol: 12%
Dosage: Brut (6 g/l of sugar)
Months on the yeasts: 
Service temperature: 6/8 °C
Pairings: appetizers, fish, shellfish, cheeses.
country of origin: France
Allergens: contains sulfites

Capacity: 0,75 lt

The producer

Côte Des Bar RM, production 30,000 bottles/year 
Organic and biodynamic agriculture ECOCERT and DEMETER certification.

Alain Réaut, together with Eric Schreiber and Jean-Pierre Fleury, is part of that 'Courteron trio' who, in the second half of the 1980s, decided to abandon the practices in vogue at the time of clones and the massive use of chemistry in the vineyard for a return to natural viticulture, a path that has never stopped since then. Alain's obsessive dedication, precise and attentive to everything that involves man's work in the vineyard, in that land that he loves so much. We are just a few kilometers from Burgundy, it is easy here to fall in love with those vineyards that rest on the same Kimmeridgian soils, to fully breathe in their potential and fill your soul with those strong, vivid colours, capable of weaving scenarios that are impossible to forget. Third generation of a family of winemakers, after studying viticulture and winemaking, in 1978 he took over the family business based in the small village of Courteron together with his wife Thérèse. In 1993, after years of attempts and experiments, Alain Réaut converted all his vineyards to biodynamic. The interest in this philosophy becomes total, supported by incessant and careful research which has, as its sole mission, that of working in the vineyard in the most integral and healthy way possible, capable of bringing pleasure, authenticity and maximum transparency into the glasses of consumers. Together with his son Alexandre, to whom he has recently passed the baton, every process, every single step with respect for nature and its cycles is truly absolute, intervening only when strictly necessary.

Alain Réaut owns 11 hectares of vineyards planted 85% with pinot noir, 10% with chardonnay and the remaining 5% with pinot gris. After years of experience and research, today it produces organic compounds itself and has become the largest third-party supplier, not only in the Aube.

If great producers occupy a precious place in our lives as enthusiasts it is because they are capable of leaving a mark. Alain Réaut's champagnes fully belong to the ranks of those that are worth indulging in tasting. Pure, crystalline, salty (kimmeridge) extremely pleasant, energetic and pulsating.

In one word, live.